Technical Guidelines for Oral Presentations

If you have been selected to provide an oral presentation, we are most grateful to you for your contribution to our programme. Please read and follow these guidelines to ensure that all goes smoothly on the day you are scheduled to present.

Please note that the acceptance of your abstract does not replace your registration to the conference. Unfortunately, there are no fee concessions for presenters. The presenting author must register for the full conference by 31 March 2023 for the abstract to appear in the final programme and the proceedings. Failure
to register before 31 March will result in automatic withdrawal of the abstract from the conference proceedings and programme. 

  • Each presenter will be given 15 minutes to present their abstract, plus 5 minutes for questions/transition. Please ensure your presentation can be delivered within this time so as not to detrimentally impact those who follow you, and the flow of the session.
  • You are expected to remain present for the entire session in which your presentation is scheduled.
  • Please make your first slide in the presentation the Conference Bio slide you have been sent or, you can download below. This slide should be emailed ahead of time to Carah at  
  • Presentations must be created using Microsoft PowerPoint. A Conference PP template is available, but you are also welcome to use your own. (See below to download)
  • Please do not exceed 15 slides in your PP presentation and ensure that they are easy to read/decode and convey your content in a clear and succinct manner.
  • We do not recommend using videos, but if you do, please ensure that the clips are embedded in your presentation. 
  • Presentations must be sent to Carah at prior to the conference or, if absolutely necessary, provided to the technical team at the conference on a USB memory stick by no later than 08:30 on the morning of your presentation. You are welcome to email your presentation to the organisers before the conference. Please send it to
  • Please bring at least one backup of your presentation to the conference on your computer or a memory stick.